The Villas

The Poggio encompasses seven wonderful villas, individually designed to create a union of shades, strokes and colours, each being unique and exclusive.

The villas of the Poggio degli Ulivi dominate Santa Margherita Ligure from a privileged position, with a wide and uninterrupted panoramic view that goes from the promontory of Portofino to the Gulf of Tigullio.  The hill on which the Poggio rises can be reached on foot from the centre of the village, which is about 3 minutes by car.

Arnasca, Colombaia, Feglina, Lantesca, Merlina, Razzola and Taggiasca are the seven “queens” of this paradise.  They take their names from the varieties of olives typical of the Ligurian Riviera.

We invite you to discover them one by one, to know them and appreciate their uniqueness, fragrance and the simple elegance that is their pride.