Villa Lantesca


Villa Lantesca has lightness in its character and relaxation as its mission.  The simple and delicate lines of its façade transmit that idea of peace and serenity that make the Poggio degli Ulivi a unique place.

Created together with its sister Merlina in a semidetached perspective, it has been designed to be able to connect to it and give life to a single body.

Situated at the centre of the Poggio, Lantesca is equipped with a private swimming pool that gives a splash of vitality and well-being.

The Villa, surrounded by an almost 900- square metre park, enjoys optimal exposition and an ample view of the green hills down to the blue sea.

Its two levels are divided about equally to allow optimal enjoyment of the spaces and valorise the swimming pool and the space in front in such a way so as to make it the beating heart of the house.

On the lower level there is a bright living room, featuring three direct access points to the park, equipped with cooking area.  At the same level there is a pantry and guest bathroom.

Going up the stairs, one reaches the sleeping area, also with an exit on to the large garden.  The two spacious bedrooms have large windows on the façade and look with pride onto the Gulf of Tigullio.  The bathroom is spacious and equipped with the finest comforts.

Villa Lantesca has a 29 – square metre garage, and as mentioned, could double its space by joining it to its sister Merlina.